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I wasn't sure where you were goin with this at first, but it's all extremely valid advice. I think it's true a lot of people are turned away from art thinking that you're just innately born with the talent or that some people have some god given gift to do it, but in reality all that separates the greats from the hobbyists is just the passion to learn and practice. That, and the fact that certain people just have a certain voice or style they draw/paint/etc with much like writers or directors do and that is all just fuckin subjective.

Thanks for the upload!

MattiasPilhede responds:

Thank you! I originally posted this on youtube but someone suggested I try to post here as well.

I really love the shaders on this! Everything is so shiny and surreal!

Im kinda sad...

... that this isn't a real series. For as much as you guys are just screwing around with the anime genre, you've actually managed to make a halfway decent plot underneath it XD

But I guess it would loose the zing if you took it seriously :P

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This game is freakin awesome! I think my only criticism is it would be kinda nice to maybe have some extra buttons to select the items (1-4 maybe?) and have Z be a dedicated jump button, as it is right now it's a tad hard to control. Also I was confused at first because I thought you would have to COLLECT items, but I figured it out easily enough I guess. Really cool!

(Also idk what engine you made this in, but an update to use controllers would make this just about perfect)

Liquidream responds:

Wow, thank you very much for your kind words (and feedback).

Alas, this game was built using the PICO-8 virtual console (game engine basically), which unfortunately only has standard gamepad keys (so buttons 1-4 would be a challenge. Good idea tho.
As for controller support - it should be there. If not, at the risk of "rocking the boat", this game is hosted elsewhere (*cough* Itch *cough*), where the controller support may work?
Thanks again

Funny not fun

Well awesome. This is one of those games where, yes, it is definitely funny... but no its not really fun at all. I was probably semi-engaged until somewhere between 20-27 when I got the last level up without ever having even more than a dent in my health bar, and then at level 30 it glitched out so my lazer wouldn't work anymore and so the screen flooded with enemies and drained my life. And I didn't die.

Right now as I'm typing this, I'm having to listen to the mind fuck of about 50-100 enemies flooding the screen which cannot kill me for some reason, and I cannot kill them, and I've somehow made it to level 34. There's obviously a bug.

This is not a good game. It becomes repetitive and stupid after a very short time and is just a meme-based version of the same click and shoot concept which has been substantially better done already.

Here's the thing

I give you a 1/5 and a 2/10 for the interesting concept, plus because I like artsy and even sort of pretentious games/media like this. However A) this is barely a game, even by interactive story standards, B) for a game that is only dialog and character portraits, you picked about the most grainy pixel style to do everything in making it really hard on the eyes, C) for the "psychological" aspect of this game, their conversations and variations on the game they're making are very dry except for the little points of humor, which are just references to other games, D) the music is a horrendous loop, I can't even say that nice, its horrible music.

I've seen your games before, and I even liked one of them pretty well, but I think you're sort of approaching the interactive story idea from the wrong place. This is very boring, it gives nothing to the player to take away, and the variations of picking the second choices are really.... unimpressive. Its a cool idea, for a horror movie, and when something genuinely scary is happening... but they're cutesy animals talking about video games who just get the contrast turned up on them and they start to flicker. It really doesn't work.

The sad thing is I think the IDEA is good, because the life of a pacifist can be hard because of the barriers they make for themselves and to be forced to go against them would probably produce interesting psychological effects for an interactive story.

A game about chibi animals on a dev team to make a game about some gory crap while the main character just sort of wiggles in her seat. :/ Not so great.

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Awesome way to end...

... just like your first one did. Very curious to see where you will go now. :D

TommyUlysesGrant responds:

Me too.

Very Calm

I like how a lot of your music sounds very Eastern, like from another culture, its very refreshing. Not that I don't like your more western sounding, fantastic music, but this is the sort of music that sends your imagination places you've never been before... its a good feeling. :D

TommyUlysesGrant responds:

Yeah. Well alot of the eastern music is more hmmm, more mystical. an that is what the album is meant to be.

I love your piano songs

Probably my favorite of all the songs you do. You manage to make them so... hauntingly majestic. I like it. :3

Keep up the good work!!

TommyUlysesGrant responds:

I'll Try

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