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I really love the shaders on this! Everything is so shiny and surreal!

Im kinda sad...

... that this isn't a real series. For as much as you guys are just screwing around with the anime genre, you've actually managed to make a halfway decent plot underneath it XD

But I guess it would loose the zing if you took it seriously :P

Without Knuckles....

... there is no eating.

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This game is freakin awesome! I think my only criticism is it would be kinda nice to maybe have some extra buttons to select the items (1-4 maybe?) and have Z be a dedicated jump button, as it is right now it's a tad hard to control. Also I was confused at first because I thought you would have to COLLECT items, but I figured it out easily enough I guess. Really cool!

(Also idk what engine you made this in, but an update to use controllers would make this just about perfect)

Liquidream responds:

Wow, thank you very much for your kind words (and feedback).

Alas, this game was built using the PICO-8 virtual console (game engine basically), which unfortunately only has standard gamepad keys (so buttons 1-4 would be a challenge. Good idea tho.
As for controller support - it should be there. If not, at the risk of "rocking the boat", this game is hosted elsewhere (*cough* Itch *cough*), where the controller support may work?
Thanks again

Funny not fun

Well awesome. This is one of those games where, yes, it is definitely funny... but no its not really fun at all. I was probably semi-engaged until somewhere between 20-27 when I got the last level up without ever having even more than a dent in my health bar, and then at level 30 it glitched out so my lazer wouldn't work anymore and so the screen flooded with enemies and drained my life. And I didn't die.

Right now as I'm typing this, I'm having to listen to the mind fuck of about 50-100 enemies flooding the screen which cannot kill me for some reason, and I cannot kill them, and I've somehow made it to level 34. There's obviously a bug.

This is not a good game. It becomes repetitive and stupid after a very short time and is just a meme-based version of the same click and shoot concept which has been substantially better done already.

Not often

I give a 5/5 and 10/10 on anything. Awesome job, really addicting, and uber frustrating. Don't suppose you'd mind if you'd let me review it for a new webshow I'm starting soon? PM me if you're interested.

Great job ^__^

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It sounds pretty good, but I get lost in the conflicting sounds. You sound a little like you were trying to mix three different songs together, and each one is fighting to be the dominant song.

Also, I would highly recommend that when you make techno like this, you keep the strength you had at the beginning, because that was beautiful.... but then you lost it.

Good luck!


Wish it was longer!!

This is such a great song, but right when it starts getting good and I lose myself in it.... its over.

Good stuff tho.


DanceNation responds:

darn... yea, it is too short, but.. cant change it now... :(

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